Sunday, April 8, 2007

Ask Lady Barber: Father Day Gift Ideas By Kathleen Giordano

Dear Lady Barber:I need help in finding new gift ideas for my husband, my father and brother for Father's Day. Do you have any suggestions? I dread these events each year. Nancy, Westport, CT

Dear Nancy:Many of you have written requesting help with the same exact question. "What do I buy my husband for Father's Day?" Personally, I think Father's Day should be celebrated every day along with Mother's Day, birthdays and Christmas and any other event. They put an exorbitant amount of pressure on everyone to come up with the "perfect gift" each time. What is the perfect gift? Magazines, newspapers, and television segments will tell and show you what they are. However, what is going to work for one man is not going to work for another. I asked my clients what they would like for Father's Day this year. Ladies, forget the ties and cologne. They have enough of them and most guys end up buying their own. Here is a list and I certainly hope this helps all of you:
The number one response was Netflix. Buy that movie-buff man of yours a subscription to this DVD company. For $17.99 a month, (cheaper than some magazines subscriptions) Netflix subscribers can rent three movies at a time which are sent to you at your home. Best of all, you can keep them for as long as you like, and return the DVD's in the postage-paid return envelope. He can also take the DVD's on the road with him while he is traveling for work. They can be mailed from any where in the USA. Baseball tickets for him and a close pal to his favorite team. Give him a night off to have fun. One of my client's suggested a kit, for example, a tool kit. Remember, guys like to putter!For the man on the go, a gift certificate to have a massage at home. Better yet, treat him to a manicure and pedicure at home especially if there isn't a salon or spa that caters to a male clientele. Be sensitive to him feeling uncomfortable in a salon that caters to women only. Also, if you guy gets his haircut at the barbershop, buy him some shaves! The process usually lasts anywhere from 20-30 minutes. Your guy will be totally refreshed and relaxed from this treat and clean shaven to bootA Gift Certificate to a new restaurant is always a great idea. Or, cater a televised sporting event at home for a group of his friends (basketball, football, baseball, golf, etc.) from his favorite BBQ restaurant or pizza joint. Don't forget the beer, salsa and chips!An iPod! If you guy is into taking pictures, take a look at the slim camera, The PowerShot SD20 from Canon.More romantic time with his wife. Ladies I am not touching this one. Here is a hint from one client though. Have a picnic in a park or secluded area just for the two of you! Just use your imagination and allow your thoughts to wanderIf you are on a budget, make your own gift certificates for a back rub, a romantic dinner for two, a candlelight bath, etc. I hope some of these ideas help you. I wish every father a very Happy Father's Day. And a special Father's Day greeting to my Father, Chas

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