Thursday, April 12, 2007

Your Town- The Nip Tuck Workout By Kathleen Giordano

On Tuesday, February 28, Dr. Bruce Nadler anticipated book Nip and Tuck Workout: Exercise Through the Eyes of a Plastic Surgeon launched at Fredericks Bar and Lounge in Manhattan.Nadler, a renowned plastic surgeon who "nipped and tucked Manhattan's elite, switched gears and is now a certified fitness trainer and bodybuilding competition judge. Nadler gives important indispensable guidance and easy-to-do exercises to shape the body you desire, always stressing proper proportion and visual symmetry rather than strength or the ability to play a specific sport. Your Life! Senior Editor, "Lady Barber" Kathleen Giordano, was one of the lucky recipients to win a one-on-one workout with Dr. Nadler. Not only does Dr. Nadler have a charming and easy bedside manner, but for the first time, I had someone explain the benefits of lifting weights, the importance on how to life them, the repetitions required, and the muscles that were involved in lifting. No more exercise tapes for me. In fact, I injured a muscle in my left arm while working out to a fitness tape made by a world renowned model. It took me two months before I could lift again. The problem with most exercise/video tapes is they fail to educate the viewer on the proper "benefits and the "whys of exercising correctly.America's Next Top Model star Ann Markley, who graces the cover of the book, was in attendance as was hot NY DJ Donna D?Cruz, who is also a client of Dr. Nadler's. Media and friends enjoyed appetizers and drinks to celebrate the launch.Nip Tuck Workout: Exercise Through the Eyes of a Plastic Surgeon is available on as well as booksurge.

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