Sunday, April 8, 2007

Ask Lady Barber: Shaving @ Home & Away By Kathleen Giordano

Dear Lady Barber:In your experience, what is the No. 1 mistake men make when shaving at home? My husband does not shave properly. His skin is dry and rough. I cringe each time he kisses me. His face feels like sandpaper and it hurts me! What is he doing wrong? Are there benefits of going to a professional barber for a shave? My husband has never had a professional shave. Is this something he should do to pamper himself? Are there health benefits from having a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly shaves? Can a professional barber offer instructions and tips during an appointment? Thank you. Lauren, Birmingham, Alabama

Dear Lauren: I am sorry for your pain! If your husband has never had a professional shave, buy him a gift certificate to his favorite barbershop or salon. He will love it and so will your face! You have a few questions here so lets get startedThere are a few mistakes men make at home when shaving. The No. 1 mistake is not taking the time (or not having the time) to moisten. The beard needs to be soften using a wash cloth that has been soaked in hot water. 2. Using just soap or just water to shave. 3. Shaving in the shower without using a mirror. 4. Using a razor that has a dull blade (if the razor is not gliding over the beard and pulling the beard, its time to change the blade). Mistake No. 5. Not moisturizingYes, a professional barber can offer instructions and tips on the proper ways to shave and SHOULD! As soon as the client sits down in the chair, he should be asked by the barber if he has any questions about shaving in general, his beard, skin care, product use etc. If he doesn't have a question, he should be taught any way! Based on my experience with shaving clients, I always told them the number one rule to is moisten, moisten and moisten again using a hot washcloth to soften the beard. Always shave (using shaving cream) going with the grain of their beard. There may be times where a man has a tougher beard and they need to come in from the sides with their razor. Going against the grain can cause cuts, nicks and ingrown hairs. The number one benefit of getting professional shaves: a great way for a man to treat and pamper himself! There are a number of steps involved in shaving. The steps can take anywhere from 15 minutes to a half-hour. In fact, shaving takes just as long if not longer than the haircut itself. Most men will fall asleep. Having the barber apply hot towels to the face reduces stress and the process is extremely relaxing

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