Sunday, April 8, 2007

Ask Lady Barber: Sweet Valentine idea for the busy Husband By Kathleen Giordano

Dear Lady Barber:My husband has been promoted to another position within his company. I couldn't be happier for him, however he is putting in a lot of hours at the office during the week and some weekends. I really miss our time together. Since Valentine's Day is fast approaching, I would like to do something special for him but that I can share with him as well. What can I do for him that is not outrageously expensive and within our budget? Victoria, Bangor, ME

Dear Victoria:Congratulations to your husband on his promotion and how sweet are you to want to do something special for him instead of just thinking of what he can do for you on Valentine's Day. It's very obvious he is very tired from working long hours. Here are some suggestions. You didn't mention whether or not you have kids, but if you do I would pack the kids off to the nearest relative or a close friend for a weekend. Make reservations at a nearby inn for you and your husband to just relax, sleep, eat and make love; not necessarily in this order. that is not a possibility, try this. Give him a day of "beauty/grooming on a Saturday at a nearby salon for men or a spa that caters to a male clientele. Most men feel funny having a pedicure surrounded by women. Buy a certificate for a massage (dual massages are available as well), manicure/pedicure, and facial. Salons offer a wide variety of packages. So if that costs way too much and is out of your budget, just pick one or two of them or create your own body massage or facial gift certificates. But don't stop there Victoria. Take it one step furtherlove gift baskets. My clients are always asking me for ideas for their girlfriends and wives, and I always tell them to make a gift basket filling it with little special things they love. So I am giving you the same advice. Put together a gift basket for your husband. Add the gift certificate, his favorite cologne or after-shave, a book he has been dying to read but hasn't had time to, and add bath gel and a scented candle for the two of you to take a romantic bath together. Just make the basket fun and colorful for Valentine's Day. He will adore it and love you even more. Lastly, don't forget a box of chocolate! Happy Valentine's Day!

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