Sunday, April 8, 2007

Ask Lady Barber: Men & Underwear By Kathleen Giordano

Dear Kathleen:
Every married woman I talk to says the same thing: their husband leaves their underwear on the floor when they take them off. Why?? What is so hard about putting them in the hamper? And, doesn't it bother them to have their used underwear just laying around? --Very Annoyed

Dear Annoyed : Let's give the men "nicey" points for even wearing underwear. Or how about having the decency to take them off and not bop around in them for several days at a time. Now that's a problem ladies! Besides the fact that it's just easier to toss underwear on the floor, men leave them on the floor and use it as a territorial marker. Its a primal signal to their loved ones and a technique used by men to establish dominance and possession on anything they claim as their own. Since men are visual creatures, it pleases them to see their reminder of their territory.First, your male may ask, "WHAT hamper????????" Where is it located? Is it located in the bathroom? Or located in the hallway? Where does your man strip? If your man strips in the bathroom, why would you put the hamper in the hallway and then assume he should know better? Put the hamper right besides his pile. You can train your puppy ladies and do so by not yelling. Remember, by yelling at him you'll remind him of mommy. And little boys know at a young age that their mommy is always going to be there to clean up after them time and time again no matter how many times she yells at him. Don't play that role! Just a slight tug on his choker chain should fix the problem.Show him! Sweetly tell him how much this bothers you and ask him for his help. Then, take a step back and see what happens. If his behavior continues, you can always take a page out of my mom's book. After years of screaming her lungs out and picking up after my dad and my 5 brothers, she suddenly stopped and went on strike for one week without saying a word. One night, their football coach needed to come over to speak to my father. Needless to say, there wasn't room for him to sit down. You guessed it. My Mom left their piles of soiled laundry right where they left them. My father and my brothers were mortified! But, she never had to pick up after them from that moment on. Remember ladies, positive actions always speak louder than words! Don't forget to reward for good behavior!

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