Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Your Town-Star Cruncher By Kathleen Giordano

Nikki Haskell, the diet guru to the stars, launched her Star Cruncher "Fitness in a Bag at Z-Chemists this past December in New York City. The party was hosted by her dear friends, Ivana Trump, Beverly Johnson and LeRoy Neiman. Other guests included Tony Danza, Randy Jones of Village Pillage, Valerie Simpson, Denise Rich, Jodie Schnitzer, Laura Hunt, Charles Evans, Bonnie Pefiffer, Sylvia Miles and Dominick Dunne.For the past 20 years, Nikki has been a committed and an enthusiastic advocate to the diet and health industry. Finding it difficult to sustain a health exercise regime with her travel schedule, she took matter into her own hands, and invented the StarCruncher. The StarCruncher is the first piece of sexy exercise equipment that can be transported anywhere. The StarCruncher "Fitness in a Bag contains the following: StarCruncher Belt, (4) StarCruncher Cuffs, "StarCruncher in Beverly Hill Celebrity Exercise Video, StarCruncher Exercise Chart, StarCruncher Exercise & Diet System Booklet and the Designer Gym Bag designed by world famous artist LeRoy Neiman

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