Thursday, April 12, 2007

Your Town- Kathryn Keats By Kathleen Giordano

heard Kathryn Keats sing at Manhattan's Bitter End in Greenwich Village not too long ago. Her voice is strong, unique, and has a sound unlike any other singer in the industry. She is a cross between Annie Lennox and Josh Groban. However, even more impressive than her singing talent, is her tremendous courage, tenacity, and her tireless passion for living. Kathryn Keats, formerly known as Ellen Christian Munger, lived in virtual hiding from a former live-in lover for fifteen years. This man, Ken Ford, who was a well-known and accomplished composer/musician, suffered with the insidious disease known as Schizophrenia. For years, he mentally, physically, ritualistically and emotionally abused Kathryn. He was not only her lover but was her artistic collaborator as well. After a five week jury trial, a court gave Mr. Ford a two year sentence to a mental institution in Napa, California. He was not only a danger to himself and others in general, but, specifically, continued to be a threat to Kathryn. With the intervention of the police and the help of the Victim's Witness organization, Kathryn was given a new identity to keep her safe from further harm. Ten months ago, Kathryn found out that Ken had died. Since that time she has been able to reclaim her life as a singer and composer by performing in concerts in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. She has recorded with Pete Sears of Hot Tuna and Jefferson Starship, Aram Avagyan, Gunnar Madsen and many others.Her one woman show After The Silence is being released as a book. The harrowing details of her relationship with Mr. Ford have been written into a feature film by Hollywood's hottest screenwriter, Chrisanna Northrup.Mark Monroe, Kathryn's manager and director, has set up a series of performances in Los Angeles that will feature her original work and story. She is also enjoying great success scoring feature films.Keats has never been happier or more determined. There is no looking back for this enormously talented woman. Kathryn is a survivor."Not enough can be said about getting one's identity back," says Keats. "It feels absolutely incredible to be free from living in fear every day."


Anonymous said...

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Kathryn Keats said...

Thank you for all you do.YOU are brilliant.
Kathryn Keats

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